Broda Shaggi Biography & Net Worth (2020)

Broda Shaggi Biography & Education

Samuels Animashaun Perry Popularly know has Broda Shaggi Was born in the year 1993 28 July. in Lagos State Nigeria, went to mayflower junior secondary school in Ogun State later attended heritage school before furthering his education into the university of Lagos which he studies creative Arts. Broda Shaggi is a comedian, Dancer, and musician.

Broda Shaggi Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Broda Shaggi’s net worth is about the estimate of Fifth million Naira (50,000,000) in the year 2020 according to Forbes Broda Shaggi is one of the best comedians in Nigeria. Doing greater work assisting with top music and other artists like Davido And others

Broda Shaggi Birthday

Name: Samuels Animashaun Perry
Age: 27 (Currently)
Date of Birth: 28 July 1993

How did Broda Shaggi Start?

Broda Shaggi started or determined to be a comedian since he was a kid that the reason why he studied Act in the University of Lagos, was inspired by inspector Perry, Professor Dele, and Akonni Ibadan. Broda Shaggi Father was the one who taught him drama when he was a kid at mayflower junior school in Ogun state. Since them, he started acting some character like the following people who inspired him, Broda Shaggi Normally Post his comedy on Facebook that where he was noticed to be a fast-growing comedian in the street, Broda Shaggi is also called Number one Fineness Agbero.  Broda Shaggi is a hardworking guy who never gives up on himself at one of the reasons why is the best out of the rest in Nigeria.

Is Broda Shaggi in DMW

Yes, Broda Shaggi is alongside DMW Member which is own by Davido.

What is Broda Shaggi Religion

Broda Shaggi is a Christian

Is Broda Shaggi a Graduate

Yes, Broda Shaggi is a graduate at the university of Lagos which he studies creative Arts.

How is Officer Woos Related to Broda Shaggi

Oladapo is professionally known as Officer Woos And Broda Shaggi are best friends met at the University of Lagos.

Broda Shaggi Comedy

Best Way and most reliable place to get Broda Shaggi Comedy is on YouTube or Facebook Kindly Subscribe to his Youtube channel.

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