Hours After Osinbajo Apologized To Nigerians About Police’s Killings, See What Aisha Yesufu Told Him


Few hours after V.P Osinbajo asked forgiveness from Nigerians concerning the homicides, Yesufu Aisha replied to him, and his reply has sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

Professor Osinbajo Yemi, The vice President to President Buhari, has been put through a white backlash on Twitter, after he went to his Twitter handle to ask forgiveness from Nigerians to exert some constraint as they strive for better means to handle with the current situations in the nation

Professor Osinbajo tweeted:

We shall proceed to update and make sure you are engaged with all of these steps of action and the plans to come, all in the essence of transparency, so that you people can hold us responsible

After all, we’re here to work for you and we indebted to you a responsibility to regain your trust. Stat safe. May God bless you all.

Yesufu Aisha slammed back at V.P Osinbajo and said:

Dear Professor Osinbajo, Professor Osinbajo saw residents being murdered and he didn’t do anything. Police operatives were dispatched to murder protesters. 

Even the military officers were sent to National Assembly to assault protesters he didn’t do anything. Hooligans were dispatched to murder End Sars protesters.

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