Movie: The Secret Garden (2020)

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The chief nature Mary Lennox “Dixie Egerickx” is a disfigured 10-year-old child of well-off parents who grew up in India. After each one in her family dies from cholera, Mary is sent to live in Misselthwaite hall in Yorkshire with her uncle Archibald timorous “Colin Firth” and the housekeeper Mrs. Medlock “Julie Walters”.

Mary discovers that the family holds countless secrets. nearby she finds a input that leads her to a backyard in custody protected for existence by her uncle after the collapse of his wife. in a little while she finds a extent in the manor house someplace her sick cousin Colin “Edan Hayhurst” has fritter his complete energy in his bed, absolutely not capable to walk.

But with the service of her new pal Dickon “Amir Wilson” the kids cope to lead to the patch ago to life. In the patch Colin learns to stroll and he becomes a good for your health and delighted adolescent boy. at what time aristocrat gutless one day sees the brood on stage in the garden, he is amazed by the see of his teenager walking. He feels thrill for the essential time since years.


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